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Vial Liquid Filling Machine


This machine is suitable for the filling and sealing operation of syrup and or liquid. It adopts the quantitative filling method of the piston. When filling, the filling head automatically fill the bottle and fill it with a small amount of multiple filling to achieve the required capacity. It can ensure the filling capacity is accurate, the material does not foam, does not overflow, the bottle is cleaned after filling, has no need to do the external cleaning and drying,directly docking the labeling machine to reduce the process cost. The screw cap of the machine adopts the rotary wheel positioning type, the position device is accurate, the screw cap effect is good, and the qualified rate of the finish product is high. It is an ideal choice for a variety of syrup oral liquid manufacture.

主要技术参数Main performance parameters

1、装量/The amount:30-200ml

2、产量/The output:60-100瓶/分(Bottles/min)

3、装量精度/Theaccuracy of filling:<1.5%

4、旋盖合格率/The capping pass rate:99%


6、工作气压/Working pressure:0.6-08MPa




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