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Carbonated Mixer


Carbonated Mixer

(1) Description

reasonable structure, high mixing precision, twice carbonation and high CO2 content. It is mainly suitable for the production of various carbonated beverages, and can also be used for the mixed processing of other soft drinks. The machine is the main key equipment in the complete set of carbonated beverage production equipment.

(2) Feature:

(3) Excellent materials and fine processing

(4) All parts i contact with drinks are made of high quality stainless steel, and the inner and outer surfaces are finely polished, which fully meets the international food hygiene requirements.

(5) Automatic operation, stable performance

(6) The whole process of production operation is controlled by microcomputer, and the operation is stable; In case of failure, the alarm device will prompt and stop automatically.

(7) Easy to operate and adjust

(8) The normal operation of the machine can be realized as long as the buttons are started successively according to the specified procedures; Without replacing any parts, the production capacity or the mixing ratio of water and sugar can be easily adjusted.

(9) The mixture is uniform and the proportion is accurate

(10) Due to the advanced technology of one-time mixing, the mixing is uniform; The mixing ratio of water and syrup is strictly controlled by the metering device with fine-tuning function, and the mixing precision can reach the maximum ± Within 1%.

(11) Full carbonization and high air content

(12) This machine adopts replacement deoxidation and twice carbonization, so the product has high air content, up to 4.0 times.

(13) The structure is sanitary and easy to clean

(14) The machine adopts a closed system made of stainless steel, equipped with CIP in-situ cleaning device to clean the equipment and pipes with disinfectant and hot water, so as to ensure that the drinks produced by the machine meet the hygiene requirements.




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