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CIP Sterilizer System


CIP System


The unit can make the original disinfectant solution with higher concentration into the concentration used by the filling equipment according to the demand. The prepared disinfectant is used for the empty bottle sterilizer, bottle cap sterilizer and sip of sterile pipeline.


1)Sterilizer Water Storage Tank:Specification: 1 m ³1set, Totally closed cone bottom structure, with breathing port, adjustable four leg support, manhole, sampling port, equipped with glass tube liquid level meter, 316 stainless steel, 2b plate, the inside and outside of the tank are made according to the sanitary standard, and the inside and outside welding are polished to the grade 7 standard。

2)Disinfectant recovery tank: specification: 0.3m3, 1 set, totally closed inclined bottom structure, adjustable four leg support, floating ball or electrode type high and low liquid level switch and its protective shell, AISI304 stainless steel, 2b plate, the inside and outside of the tank are made according to the sanitary standard, the internal and external welds are polished, and the internal surface state should reach the grade 7 standard.

3) The filter is a duplex filter. The filter barrel is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel filter element has a precision of 100 mesh.

4) The supply and return pumps of disinfectant are sanitary pumps.

5) Disinfectant mixing tank, disinfectant filter and disinfectant supply pump are all installed on the stainless steel frame, making it a stand-alone equipment.




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