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Pet Bottle Unscrambler


Bottle Unscrambler

The machine is using twice bottle pressing and bottle sorting construction; it will reduce the possibility of wrong bottle dropping, and will enhance bottle sorting efficiency;

2. Special designed bottle dropping grooves can be suitable for bottles with different length, only need to do little adjustment to bottle dropping grooves when change bottles;

3. There is mould changing window in the middle of frame case, it is for mould change and jam clearance if any;

4. There is repair window set under the frame case, it is for technician go inside for repair;

5. There is manual working process set inside, so it will be easy for checking and repair;

6. Protection system is set: When the mould change window or repair window is open, the machine can not start. The machine can only be controlled by manual process under this situation;

7. There is bottle jam monitor on bottle-out planet wheel, it will protect machine;

8. There is bottle monitor on top of umbrellas shape tower; it will control the start and stop of bottle elevator;

9. Pressure switch and switch on value is set with air channel system, the machine will not start without compress air connection. Switch on value and machine work together will save air consumption;

10. There is jam elimination device on the start end of air conveyor; the device is derived by cylinder. When there is bottle jam, the device will eliminate jam bottle automatically to avoid damage of machine;

Working principle:

When the bottle elevator is started, the disordered bottles will be transferred on top of umbrella shape tower, and then fall into bottle ascending-descending devices. The bottle ascending-descending devices will push bottles into bottle dropping grooves under the action of cam. Then the ordered bottles will be sent out through planet wheel into air conveyor. Planet wheel is connected with motor main axis by synchronous belt.




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