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Carton Box Packing Machine


Carton Box Packing Machine


This equipment is based on absorbing foreign technology, our company innovatively designed and manufactured it, and it is a frame-type case packing machine with pneumatic + electric working mode. Compact structure, elegant appearance, low energy consumption, stable operation and convenient operation. The rocker arm works flexibly, driven by a frequency conversion motor, and runs smoothly.

①Bottle grabber

According to the different appearance characteristics of the product, the bottle grabbing mechanism is designed and manufactured, and the corresponding bottle grabbing mechanism is used for each specification of the product to carry out the bottle grabbing work. The bottle grabber group adopts the airbag type bottle grabbing head, which will not damage the bottle.

②Elevating mechanism of bottle grabbing group

The rocker arm structure is adopted, the structure is more advanced and reasonable, the movement is lighter and more stable, and the power consumption is also smaller.

③Bottles are transported to the bottle collection area on the case packing machine by the bottle feeding conveyor belt, and the bottle separating board divides the conveyed bottles into columns and transported to the bottle waiting position by the conveyor belt.

④The box is still when packing, and the box is supplied at the same time when the box is loaded and unloaded, so as to maximize the work efficiency.

⑤ The drive motor adopts frequency conversion motor, and realizes stepless speed regulation through frequency converter control.

⑥Bottle/case conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is driven by an asynchronous motor. According to different conveying needs, it is controlled by a frequency converter and a contactor to realize automatic bottle supply, bottle discharge, and automatic box supply and output.

⑦Bottle grabbing group:

It is composed of multiple groups of bottle grabbers, each group of bottle grabbers can grab a specified number of bottles at the same time, and the bottle grabbers are separated by cylinders.

⑧Using open touch screen operation, safer and simpler. Various fault codes and fault solutions are built in. When a fault occurs, the location of the fault, the cause of the fault and the solution will be displayed on the man-machine interface to improve the work efficiency of maintenance personnel. Built-in modification interface for various adaptable operating parameters, which can be modified in time according to the requirements of the operator to improve the working efficiency of the equipment.




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